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The Academy for Accelerated Learning

Welcome to The Academy for Accelerated Learning at the BPLC! 


The Academy for Accelerated Learning offers families a unique and supportive home school alternative to a traditional public school experience. With the flexibility to evolve as the needs of our community and the world change, our collaborative homeschool model allows you to create a learning environment that meets the needs of your student and family.


A customized learning program at the Academy for Accelerated Learning, powered by K12 Learning Solutions, is designed with you, as the Learning Coach, to promote your students success by identifying strengths and interests, accelerating areas of proficiency, and intervening in areas of need to reach mastery.   


VOICE: Visualizing Opportunities in Career Exploration is our passion program, the hallmark of the AAL Experience, fostering academic and personal development as well as exposure to career options that may not be in our students' immediate scope of interest 


We provide you and your student an enhanced virtual experience with scheduled live teacher support sessions and all the resourceneeded to fully engage in our rich standards-based learning plan. The online learning component, powered by K12 Learning Solutions, is the backbone of core student learning in the AAL program. Attendance and completion of all learning requirements will be monitored and recorded through the online platforms, so a stable internet connection is essential for success. We also offer digital devices upon request and hot spots as available based on family needs. 


Our enriched virtual program is a full-time online school where students have the option to rarely if ever come in person.  As it is safe to do so, we will begin to provide in-person options for small group intervention, monthly enrichment experiences, family field trips, and extra-curricular opportunities – Joining these activities is optional and not a requirement for enrollment in AAL.


Please check out the links on this page for additional information on how to join our learning community!

Join the AAL Community from Your Neighborhood! 
Give us a call at (714) 994-9381 and ask about the Inter-district transfer process to enroll with our school for 2021-22 for this specialized program.