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Welcome to BP Early Learning!

Are you looking for quality early childhood experiences for you and your preschoolers?


The Buena Park School District offers a variety of programs to meet your needs! From parent participation Learning Link programming and Math and Literacy classes to State Preschool and Inclusion Preschool classes, we can offer an Early Learning opportunity that meets the needs of your family.


The Buena Park Learning Center is here to get you started. Please fill out the BP Early Learning interest form found on this page and we will contact you soon. We look forward to talking to you!


BP Early Learning School Readiness Commitment

We believe children learn through authentic play, developmentally appropriate learning experiences, and opportunities that expand and build the whole child through all domains of learning. Families are the child’s first teachers, impacting their lifelong growth. We honor families as partners in the child’s learning process. 

We work collaboratively with families, professionals, and First 5-Orange County to provide an array of services that strengthen and enable families to develop skills that build healthy and successful children, ages 0-5, who are curious about the world, excited to learn, and ready for kindergarten and beyond. Goals are accomplished through parent education, provider education, parent and child interactive programs, and health support services.

BPSD State Preschool

Program Overview

Our State-Funded Preschool Program, in partnership with Think Together, is a free program for families in our District. Our quality programs are funded by the California Department of Education and are currently enrolled in the Orange County Quality Start program. We have designed our preschool program to invite all children into the world of learning using the California Preschool Learning Foundations as a guide for encouraging growth in all areas – social, emotional, physical, and cognitive. Our goal is to combine a developmental, linguistic, academic, and multicultural approach to learning that will create the building blocks for life-long learning. Our classroom environments meet each child’s unique learning style by offering developmentally and age-appropriate hands-on experiences. We believe that the family provides the child’s most important learning environment. Therefore, we offer education, involvement opportunities, and support for the entire child and family.



We believe in providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum using an eclectic approach based upon maturation, developmental theories, including brain development along with research-based on growth and development practices. The Emergent Curriculum is an approach that is open-ended and responsive to children’s needs and interests. Learning opportunities “emerge” through intentional teaching that is facilitated and documented by quality teaching interactions. The foundation for learning experiences is children’s questions, interests, and observations. This type of curriculum through project work allows the opening to explore areas of interest in detail. By exploring projects of personal interest in great detail, there is excitement in the learning process. This enthusiasm for knowledge, combined with the ability to experience project work in detail, will foster a predisposition for “life-long” learning. Children meet dual learning and enrichment objectives when they engage in the creative process to explore connections between an art form and another subject area to gain a greater understanding of both. They use their creativity, imagination, and senses to express their observations, they are able to create ideas and possibilities that begin the process of understanding STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) concepts in their everyday learning experiences.


What are the hours of the program?

  • Our program operates two sessions. AM 8:15- 11:15/ PM 12:15- 3:15


Where are you located? 

  • We are located on school district campuses throughout Buena Park School District
  • We have 4 locations: Whitaker, Pendleton, Gilbert, and Buena Park Learning Center


What does it mean for eligibility due to income and family size?

  • We verify the number of members in the family and collect monthly pay stubs of all the working adults in the family to verify if they fall within eligibility income guidelines.

What if I don’t qualify for state preschool? 

  • Think Together can refer to other programs that are available in BPSD or with other providers in the community. If the programs are not of interest, we refer to Children’s Home Society and Help Me Grow OC where they support finding the best care for the family needs.


Think Together Early Literacy and Math Program- 3-5 YEARS OLD

    • Center-based programs where students receive instruction in foundational reading and math. Learn concepts that prepare them for kindergarten, accompanied by their parents/guardians who gain the tools and knowledge to be active partners in their children’s education.


Think Together Learning Link

    • Parent and child interaction open to ages 0 to 5 years. A learning environment in a designated area with parent involvement and interactive stations where children practice their fine motor skills.

BPLC Inclusion Preschool


In the BP Early Learning Inclusion Preschool, students play and learn together in a classroom supported by a special education teacher, general education preschool teacher, and support staff. This program has a developmental approach and serves students with a diverse range of learning abilities, including those who require specialized academic instruction and supports.
  • Classes are offered in the AM (7:40-10:25) or PM (11:30 – 2:15)
  • Located at the Buena Park Learning Center
  • Students must be at least 3 years old and potty-trained.
  • There is no income requirement, but there is often a waitlist.