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How Can I Qualify for Free or Reduced-Tuition Programs?

To find out if you qualify for Buena Park School District's free or reduced-tuition programs, please complete the following: 

Pre-Eligibility Form


  1. Staff will determine preliminary eligibility.
  2. Set-up individual registration appointments.
  3. Discuss income verification process (copies of documents must be brought to registration appointment).


Sources of Income:

  • Gross wages or salaries
  • Overtime
  • Cash aid or supplemental income
  • Government program eligibility, such as CalFresh, Head Start, or Early Head Start

Income Documentation:

For the two-months preceding certification:

  • Signed Employer Release of Information form
  • Letter from employer
  • Payroll records (pay stubs or receipts)


  • Letter from source of income
  • Bank records or tax returns
  • Other business records

Self-Cetification of no monthly income